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Digital Video 7 inch indoor station V36 shell

AdoptsABS plastic panel with surface high gloss finish process
Multi-color optional, luxurious and elegant
Support mobile phone APP for remote door phone intercom unlocking, monitoring and other functions.

Basic functions

Answer outdoor station and gate station calls, intercom and unlock function
Can call other indoor station and management centers for intercom
Support voice messages with snap shots
The zone alarm has the function of arming and disarming. Has three modes: home mode, out mode, and disarm mode. With max. 8 alarm zones.
Can receive and view information posted by management center and other indoor station
Can edit information and sent to other indoor station
Call management center for intercom
Monitor the belong outdoor station and gate station & IPC in the same network
Three modes to enter the silent mode: Anti-disturb mode, non-distraction mode, and regular time anti-disturb mode.
Real-time linkage with the lift, control the lift (call elevator, view elevator floor, etc.)
Emergency help function can be sent to the management center
With independent doorbell function
Scene mode: Lights status control , curtains status control, dimmer, infrared home appliances control, etc.

Technical Parameters:
Working voltage: DC12-14V ±10% (support SPOE power supply)
Maximum power consumption: ≤5W
Standby power consumption: 1.5W
Screen: 7 inch TFT LCD screen
Zone: 8 alarm zones
Power supply mode: 1. Support normal power supply mode
                2. Support SPOE power supply
Operation mode: Capacitive touch button
Installation method: Surface mounted
Product dimension: 160 x 250 x 28mm